Friday, July 2, 2010

The Posse

The first characters to take some life in this impending tale of doom Manuel and I are fixin' to tell were The Posse.

Now, this is what happens when the wait staff at a restaurant gets to bullshitting between plates of food coming out and walk-ins sitting down:

A: "What if people did't die?"

B: "What, like they lived forever?"

A: "Yeah, like what if the aging process just kept going and going but you didn't die from it? Like, what stage would come after the shitting-your-self, drooling idiot stage?"

B: "Your body would have to come up with something new. Like, you'd have to turn into an organism that didn't need coherent thought or the ability to move or digest food."

A: "Oh, man. I wonder that that would look like. OH, what if somebody did it on purpose?"

B: "Found a way to live forever but didn't count on it fucking their shit up? I think they kind of did that in Faust."

A: "No, it's be like a prank someone pulled. Like, whoever's supposed to be out there, God or whatever, all benevolent and loving, what if those guys decided to fuck with us, just to fuck with us and see what happened?"

B: "Ohhh, what if it was like when WE fuck with people? Like, instead of the person in charge, the grunts who do all the hands-on work could start fucking with the system and screwing up the works. Like when you use a fucked up accent at a table or hide shit from the other servers."

A: "Do they know I do that?"

B: "Not yet."

A: "So, what if Heaven, basically, not like Christian Heaven but wherever souls get processed and sent to life or taken back and all that, what if something got fucked up there and people couldn't die and all kinds of fucked up, grotesque shit started happening? How fucking funny would that be?"

B: "What if it was fucked up by some dudes like us, who just needed something to kill the fucking boredom of the work?"

A: "Renegade angels?"

B: "Incompetent renegade angels."

Something very like this conversation led to the invention of The Posse. I'll tell you more about them next time -- we've got some good art coming up we'll be able to show you of each one in his element.